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Climbing Mountains Winter Camp (Digital Files)

$ 99.00

The Climbing Mountains Winter Camp a retreat for kids, where Scripture is central and Life-on-life discipleship is emphasized. In Climbing Mountains, the kids climb the glorious heights of salvation with a focus on the core truths of our redemption in Christ; the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, and the forgiveness found only in Jesus Christ.

This Climbing Mountains Winter Camp is a digital product that gets you access to everything you will need to order for the program. You do not receive any physical product with this purchase. Digital order options include:

  • Teacher book (PDF)
  • Student book (PDF)
  • Kid's and Teacher shirts template
  • Style guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Posters template
  • Postcards template
  • Pens template
  • Bandana template
  • Email templates
  • Logos
  • Print ads templates
To print your digital products, you can use any vendor you would like. Contact us for recommendations or with any questions you may have.