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Trackers Game Recommendations

Find a game that works well for your group! All materials needed as well as game instructions are listed under each game. We have also included hyperlinks to other web pages to provide additional instructions if they are needed.


Numbers & Letters

  • Participants: no limit
  • Materials: painter's tape
  • Directions: Place tape on the ground in the shape of shapes, letters or numbers. Have the AC kids run, skip, roll or other activities to get to those shapes

Spider’s Web

  • Participants: 
  • Materials: painter's tape and paper
  • Directions: Use tape to create a simple web design in the opening or a doorway or hall. Use rolled up paper to have the AC kids try and throw the paper through the holes in the webbing. A variation would be to have them try and get the paper to stick to the tape.

Balloon Up

  • Participants:
  • Materials: balloons
  • Directions: Blow up a balloon with regular air for each AC kid. Don’t let the balloon touch the ground. The last AC kid to have their balloon up in the air wins! A variation would be for them to balance the balloon on the back of their hand.

Balloon Freeze Tag

  • Participants:
  • Materials: balloons
  • Directions: Freeze tag with balloons. Split the AC kids into two teams of “taggers” and “runners.” Taggers will have balloons and need to tag the runners to freeze them. You can only tag with the balloon. If the balloon pops then the tagger is out. If all balloons pop then the runners win. If all runners are frozen then the taggers win.

Hit the Target

  • Participants: 
  • Materials: sticky notes
  • Directions: Place sticky notes with letters or numbers on them on a door or wall. Tape off a line a few feet away and have the AC kids throw a rolled up piece of paper at the correct numbers or letters in order on the wall. You can call them out or have them hit specific letters and numbers in order. Try using the memory verse for the week!

Ping Pong Catch

  • Participants:
  • Materials:
  • Directions: Have the AC kids throw a ping pong ball at the wall and try and catch it with a plastic cup. This can be done in teams or individually.

Ping Pong Memory

  • Participants:
  • Materials:
  • Directions: Play memory with a bunch of plastic cups laid out on the floor. Hide a few ping pong balls for the AC kids to take turns and try to find.