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Generations of Grace Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday School Curriculum

Can I still access the original version of Generations of Grace?

Yes. If you purchased the original version of Generations of Grace in the past, please contact our customer support - (818) 909-5762 or email

If I already own the original version of Generations of Grace and would like to use the second edition, do I need to purchase the second edition?

Yes. The second edition of Generations of Grace must be purchased separately.

Why was Generations of Grace revised?

All good curricula are continually revised. The revision of Generations of Grace was born out of a desire to make the curriculum more easily accessible to the lay person and fueled by feedback we received over a decade of use in our Sunday school as well as feedback from many other churches.

How is the second edition different from the original?

The second edition of Generations of Grace includes three brand new resources:

  • A Family Devotional that provides 5 daily devotions that correspond to each lesson
  • An Activity Book for children ages 3-9
  • A Coloring Book for children ages 3-5

The lessons, contained in the Teacher Book, have gone through a substantial revision: (1) All three age levels now appear together in one book, (2) the layout and structure of each lesson has been completely redesigned, and (3) the lessons now appear in color. Additionally, many new resources have been added to each lesson, including:

  • A Spotlight on the Gospel that clearly explains each lesson’s connection to the gospel
  • Child friendly definitions of key words
  • Two age appropriate teaching outlines
  • New activities, games, and illustration ideas
  • A redemptive timeline displaying the history of God’s work of salvation
  • Full color illustrations
  • Pictures of completed crafts

How is Generations of Grace unique?

Generations of Grace is a God-centered curriculum that teaches the whole counsel of God’s word in a way that ensures that every child, no matter their age, learns the same lesson each week in a way that is appropriate for their age level. We call this a “unified curriculum”. Generations of Grace is also highly affordable and flexible enough to be used in multiple settings.

How do I use the Family Devotional?

The Family Devotional provides five daily devotionals that correspond with each lesson in the teacher book. It was created to make children’s ministry what children’s ministry should be—a way to equip and encourage parents to fulfill their duty to train up their children in the Lord. Each daily devotional indicates the portion of the passage to be read, provides concise insights into the passage, and suggests questions and discussion ideas, some simple for young children and others requiring a lot of thought for older children and adults. It also includes pictures illustrating the lesson.

What Bible version is used in Generations of Grace?

The second edition of Generations of Grace uses the English Stand Version (ESV).

What settings is Generations of Grace used in?

Generations of Grace is used in a variety of settings: Sunday schools, Jr. church, Vacation Bible Schools, missions trips, nurseries, home-schooling, and special ministries.

Do I need another curriculum if my church has both Sunday school and Jr. Church?

No. Many churches use Generations of Grace in multiple ministries on Sundays as well as throughout the week. There is enough biblical content to use Generations of Grace multiple times per week, and the way the teacher resources have been constructed allows for natural differences in the way each lesson is taught.  

Do I have to be in a large church in order to use the curriculum effectively?

No. Generations of Grace is being used by churches of all sizes. Everything needed for each lesson, aside from normal classroom supplies (scissors, glue, pens/pencils, copy and construction paper, etc.), is included in each lesson.

Do I need any additional resources?

No. Everything you need, apart from normal classroom supplies, is included in the curriculum. 

Who can purchase Generations of Grace?

Anyone. Churches, missionaries, individuals, home schools, and Christian schools have all purchased Generations of Grace.

Is Generations of Grace offered in any additional languages?

Yes, it is offered in Spanish for years one and two. Generations of Grace plans to be translated into multiple languages.

How long has Generations of Grace been in existence?

The first edition was completed in 2005, and the second edition was finished in 2015. For more information on the history of Generations of Graceclick here.

What are the doctrinal beliefs of Generations of Grace?

For the Generations of Grace Doctrinal Statement, click here.