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Adventure Club is a new evening program for the children in your church. This fun and engaging program focuses on God’s saving Word through teaching systematic theology in ways that can be easily understood. We desire that every child would believe in Christ and be saved because salvation comes through Christ alone. Understanding scripture, and not just memorizing it, is key to knowing God.

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Why Adventure Club?

At Adventure Club, we desire that all children are taught the meaning of scripture accurately. A great deal of curriculum available to churches focuses on memorization, activities, and badges. Unfortunately, the meaning and application of the scriptures often lose its place of priority. If a child does not learn the meaning of scripture, their heart may be left empty of the saving work of Christ.

Our Curriculum

When we explain the meaning of God’s Word to a child, we are planting a seed of hope that can grow into eternal salvation, real joy, and priceless life direction. Each part of our curriculum centers on a theological lesson for that week in a fun and engaging way. From the adventure story and verse memorization to activities and songs, all aspects of our program are anchored in the theology being taught. This gives context and purpose to the entire program making the application of the lesson easier to understand.


Our annual membership is designed to support your church in running your Adventure Club program. Your membership will include:

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  • Marketing materials for advertising your program

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