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Adventure Club Additional Resources

Adventure Club

Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages are a black and white version of our Adventure Club illustrations. These are provided to help fill downtime during the Adventure Club program that you might have. 

Year 1

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials are here to support your church in spreading the word about the Adventure Club program to both your church members and people in your community.

Logo • Brochure • Pricing Sheet

Trackers Image • Scouts Image • Trailblazers Image

Music and Songs

Each weekly program of Adventure Club includes a time of music. In the top menu of our website, click on "videos" and if you are an annual member then you will be able to access our growing musical library of videos for your program. We partner with other organizations to provide biblical music as well as write original songs ourselves. These can be played in your program in three different forms: music videos, music and lyric videos, and lyric videos. If you are looking for additional music resources such as Cord Sheets, Lyric Sheets, PowerPoint files, and other digital files, please click on one of our partners below to find these resources on their websites.

2GBG Partner • Seeds Family WorshipAdventure Club Year 1 CD

Lesson Outlines

The Adventure Club Lesson Outlines provide a glimpse into each year of the Adventure Club curriculum. Click on the link below to see each lesson title, as well as the Scripture passage associated with that lesson.

Year 1 Outline • Year 2 OutlineYear 3 Outline (Subject to Change)


Each weekly program of Adventure Club includes a time of games. Click the kid's group below that you would like to see  age appropriate game recommendations for and if you have good suggestions to add to our lists, we would love to hear about it!

Trackers • Scouts • Trailblazers

School Outlines

School Outlines will provide an outline of the Adventure Club curriculum that can be used for a school or home school setting if you desire to teach this curriculum to students. For additional details on how to structure the program for your particular school, contact our customer service team.

Year 1

PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint Presentation will assist in the presentation of the Adventure Club materials to others that are trying to learn about the program and decide if it should be used in their church or home.